HuffingtonPost at Karamanlidika | Athens: Great Food, big economic questions, and hair on fire

Τα καραμανλίδικα του Φάνη, στηη εφημερίδα HuffingtonPost.

by Rick Steves Every year it seems I go to places partly because naive and gullible Americans, whose worldview is fed by a diet of hysterical commercial TV news, are avoiding those places for supposed safety reasons. Of course, Greece has its economic crisis. But that doesn’t mean the 10 million people who live there aren’t living life with creativity and gusto. I love to see students on the road. These two George Washington University students (enjoying a semester abroad) discovered the Karamanlidika by Fanis restaurant just like I did.

Photo: Mike K. –

Two George Washington University students, enjoying dinner at Karamanlidika by Fanis, Athens. …

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