Charcuterie Store Fanis’ Karamanlidika

In the well-known hangout place of the aficionados, the historic “Pastirmatzidiko” at 41 Evripidou Street, you will find the real handmade veal, sheep or camel ‘pastirma’ made in the Karamanli way, together with maturing ‘sudjuk’ in the way the Greek and Karamanli people in Istanbul and Cappadocia used to make it!

We have dozens of rare and aged cheeses and gourmet products: pomegranate juice, ‘yufka’ thin layers of dough for pies, fish botargo, traditional ham and other charcuterie varieties such as ‘louza’, ‘pastrami’, ‘prosciutto’ and ‘kavourmas’.


Original Karamanli Recipes

Come to Fanis’ Karamanlidika and let us introduce you to the original Greek taste – a world of quality and variety – from the best small-scale producers in Greece.

Mezze Restaurant Fanis’ Karamanlidika

The most delicious story in the city market evolves around the Mezze Restaurant known by the name Fanis’ Karamanlidika, at 1 Sokratous Street. A unique store, bringing to life the Byzantine ‘pastomageirio’ (eatery specializing in charcuterie and all kinds of preserved meats), with flavors and tastes from Asia Minor, following traditional recipes and exquisite Karamanli dishes brought directly to your plate!

Mezze Restaurant

Food Artistry Restaurant Fanis’ Karamanlidika

In our food artistry restaurant at 119 Ermou street, enjoy new hot dishes and ‘prosfournia’, the name given in the Byzantine times to the loaves of bread baked in outdoor ovens and eateries. We prepare ‘prosfournia’ with fresh dough, using pure olive oil, and bake them in our stone-built oven, a process offering unsurpassed deliciousness, highlighting the aroma, taste & quality of the ingredients of your choice.

Food Artistry