Food Artistry Restaurant Fanis’ Karamanlidika

In our food artistry restaurant at 119 Ermou street, enjoy new hot dishes and ‘prosfournia’, the name given in the Byzantine times to the loaves of bread baked in outdoor ovens and eateries. We prepare ‘prosfournia’ with fresh dough, using pure olive oil, and bake them in our stone-built oven, a process offering unsurpassed deliciousness, highlighting the aroma, taste & quality of the ingredients of your choice.

In our spacious, air-conditioned new establishment, taste & buy handmade ‘sudjuk’, original aged ‘pastirma’ charcuterie made in the Karamanli way & rare cheeses from selected Greek producers.

Taste & buy delicious pastry & desserts made on the spot in a homecraft way! ‘Kiunefe’ & ‘baklavas’ with pure butter, ‘kazan dipi’ and ‘malebi’.

Fanis’ Karamanlidika

Come to “Fani’s Karamanlidika” and let us introduce you to the original Greek taste – a world of quality and variety – from the best small-scale producers in Greece.

📯 Address: Ermou 119, 10555, Athens.
⏰ Opening hours:Tuesday – Saturday 12:00 – 23:00, Sunday, 12:00 – 18:00. Monday, Closed.
☏ Telephone: 210 3219 119.
🍞 Menu:

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